Chilly Gonzales The Guinness World Record "The Works" (The Complete Collection)


Beginning at 11:30pm on Saturday May 16th and through 3:00am Monday May 18th, 2009 Chilly Gonzales broke the Guinness World Record for longest concert by a solo artist. Gonzales explained his motivation: "I will do this to push my muscial and physical stamina. I believe music is part art, part athletics and this 27-hour concert will demonstrate both aspects." Gonzales consulted with the Guinness Book of Record to ensure a smooth attempt and an Official Guinness Judge adjudicated the event on site. Repertoire touched on recognizable songs from all eras and styles of music, in new and surprising arrangements. There was no repetition of material during the attempt. As Gonzales himself said "I will break the record without sounding like a broken record". The record attempt took place at the theatre of notable French film director Claude Lelouch, Theatre Ciné 13 in Paris. The attempt in its entirety was streamed live on the web and achieved #2 Twitter Trend status at its peak. This offer includes 38 songs by Chilly Gonzales Available on high quality MP3 and WAV Source Audio: Wav files Listen to it here:

This offer contains:

-03 In The Air Tonight
-02 faith
-01 King Of Pain
-04 Super Freak
-06 Hello
-05 i love rock n roll
-08 Cars
-07 When Doves Cry
-09 Eye Of The Tiger
-01 My Moon My Man
-10 Careless Whisper
-06 Multiply
-05 Limit To Your Love
-07 One Evening
-08 Numero
-01 Meischeid
-02 Singalong
-04 Cm Blues
-03 Scheme and Variations
-05 Manifesto
-07 Boss Bossa
-06 Gentle Threat
-01 Blue Moon
-02 Caravan
-03 Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye
-04 My Girl
-05 Autumn Leaves
-06 It Was a Very Good Year
-07 Hit The Road Jack
-08 In A Sentimental Mood
-09 Body and Soul
-04 One Morning In May
-02 You Are Never Alone
-08 C Major
-10 Modalisa
-09 Chilly In F Minor
-03 Something About Us
-Inside Guinness 4
-Inside Guinness 2
-Cover The Works
-The Works 3
-The Works 32
-The Works 31
-The Works 33

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Source Audio

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