Re-Introduction Etudes (.mobi for Kindles)


THIS OFFER CONTAINS A .mobi FILE (compatible ONLY with Kindle (PLEASE NOTE: iBook, Android.. REQUIRE AN .epub FILE - SEE OUR OTHER eBook OFFER). FOR ALL FILE FORMATS: DOWNLOAD FILE TO YOUR COMPUTER, THEN IMPORT INTO YOUR READER - DETAILED INSTALLATION DIRECTIONS ARE FURNISHED WITH YOUR FILE. Nothing beats the print edition of Re-Introduction Etudes, with it’s full-size sheet music and text, complete illustrations, CD and tear-out poster, but for those of you who want to take your études with you in your eBook reader, this eBook is a perfect companion. Epub for iBook and mobi for Kindle and all other readers, download yours now. Each eBook has sheet music, text in English, French and German, and an MP3 of Gonzo performing each étude. Chilly Gonzales brings some of the joy back to the lapsed amateur pianist with his Re-Introduction Etudes: a book of 24 easy-to-master, fun-to-play piano pieces specifically designed to unlock musical mysteries for those who gave it up. Gonzo shares his point of view on scales, he explains how melodies are designed, how modern pop harmony works … Each etude is introduced by a short text, in which Gonzo divulges his own personal "shortcuts" and the recordings of the 24 pieces goes a long way to getting the music into the piano student’s head, so it can then spill out onto the keys. Listen to Gonzo’s PERSONAL INVITATION and one etude below. Don't miss any of Gonzo's forthcoming Video Tutorials covering topics from Re-Introduction Etudes SUBSCRIBE NOW to Thechillygonzales You Tube Channel. This offer includes 1 ".mobi" file for Kindle. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT FILE FORMAT: Download the mobi file for Kindle. Download the epub for all other devices.

This offer contains:

-Chilly Gonzales 'Re-Introduction Etudes' Kindle version (.mobi)
-How to install the eBook

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