Chambers A5 Notebook + Chambers Composer's Commentary CD


Chilly Gonzales’ “Pop Music Masterclass” web series opened the eyes of hundreds of thousand of viewers to the universality of many music theory concepts that are the building blocks of today’s pop music hits (Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”, Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”, Drake’s “Hold On”... have a look below). With “Composer’s Commentary”, Gonzo reveals how he used those same universal concepts in the composition of new album “Chambers featuring Kaiser Quartett”. Composer’s Commentary is the perfect companion to the Chambers to learn about music composition, bundled with our Chambers. Notebook to jot down all of your inspirations along the way. This offer includes a 48 blank page A5 wire-bound notebook & the Chambers Commentary CD by Chilly Gonzales.

This offer contains:

-Chambers A5 notebook
-CD Composer's Commentary

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